The May numbers for the Greater Toronto Area are out! 

With yet another lockdown in the province of Ontario due to COVID-19, sales in May 2021 have dropped short of this year’s March high of 15,646 sales. Despite the minor drop in sales in the prior two months, market conditions have remained competitive in May propelling the average selling price to all time high. Realtors of the Greater Toronto Area recorded 11,951 sales, more than doubling the previous years’ total.

With new listings trending slightly lower than sale numbers, this implies that people who are actively searching to buy a property are still up against a lot of competition from other purchasers, putting a lot of upward pressure on selling prices. This would explain why there has been a high demand for ownership housing, including both single-family homes and condominium apartments.

The real estate market has remained strong throughout the year. Burlington and Oakville real estate communities have been thriving significantly with sales prices reaching new highs compared to May of last year. Let's take a closer look below.


According to the most recent Halton Region MLS data, the average property price is $1,193,780, with a 48% increase for new listings. 

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When we look at the specific property types, we can observe that the average prices in Burlington and Oakville increased across the board. The Halton Region alone had a 58% increase in sales year-over- year for all home types, while the average home price increased by 23%.
With detached homes being the trendiest type of property, the average price in Halton increased by 21% from May of last year. In Burlington and Oakville alone, detached and semi-detached homes, which are quite popular in these two cities, increased by 17% and 27%.

A 60% sales increase for Townhouses in Oakville 
Oakville has seen strong growth year after year, but what might be surprising is that Oakville townhouse prices are up by 40% from last year at this time. Unlike in some areas, such as the city of Toronto, where townhouse prices only increased by 11%. This suggests that the demand for townhouses in Oakville is rapidly increasing. 

Despite the ongoing pandemic, Oakville and Burlington remain popular amongst some of the cities in the GTA, where housing demand continues to grow, as evidenced by rising home prices. 

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The third-best sales record in TRREB's history was recorded in August 2021. Though the market has seen its normal summer lull, the need for owning homes is evident. Simultaneously, the availability of housing is on the decline. Competition among home buyers has been increasing in this tight market, resulting in double-digit yearly price hikes.






Stats retrieved from TRREB



As shown in the graph above, according to TRREB's MLS System, Toronto real estate agents in the Greater Toronto Area saw a 19.9% drop in home sales in August 2021 compared to the previous year's record of 10,738, and new listings filed in the system were down 43 percent compared to the previous year's record of 18,599. Despite the decline, the average selling price continues to rise with a 12.6% increase.


This year's low number of new postings is really troubling. It implies that there is an undersupply of housing, and this will worsen when immigration to Canada increases. With the approaching federal election in mind, the federal parties have all put a focus on housing availability and affordability. 


If we take a further look into The Halton Region, more specifically Burlington and Oakville, you will see that there has also been a tremendous decrease in the number of sales and new listings.








Stats retrieved from TRREB



On average, a property in Halton Region costs $1,070,911, up by 3.8 percent according to the most recent MLS data. While the number of sales dropped by 27.5 percent, there was also a 41.7 percent reduction in new listings.


In all three locations, it's clear that now is a great time to sell your home. As a buyer, however, it appears to be considerably more difficult due to a slowdown in new listings and an increase in home values.



Let's take a closer look at how particular property types compare in Burlington and Oakville.







Stats retrieved from TRREB


The average price for all property types in Burlington and Oakville has risen. Prices increased by 3.8 percent in the Halton Region alone for all property types. The average price for detached homes in all of the Halton Region increased by 20.8 percent as a result of their popularity. The increasing popularity of detached and semi-detached homes in Oakville and Burlington was reflected in their 21.5% and 19% growth, respectively.


Although the number of sales and listings have declined in Oakville and Burlington, these cities remain popular in the GTA, where home demand continues to rise.


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It’s that time of year again, schools in session! The kids are all getting pumped up in hopes of a better school year than the previous year. As we all know, the pandemic wreaked havoc on children's ability to obtain a proper education, resulting in school closures that forced them to study everything online rather than in person. So what is the 2021/2022 school year going to look like in Oakville and Burlington?


The Reopening Plan for the Halton School Board

The Halton District School Board states that students and staff will be back in secure and productive learning environments by September 2021. They pledge to maintain an inclusive, safe, and discrimination-free environment.


The Reopening School Guide for September 2021 covers five areas: health and family, operations, instruction, wellness and technology. It is essential to understand that things may change. 


Health and family

  • Student Self-Assessment and Screening
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Physical Distance
  • Masks, including cloth masks and face coverings
  • Enhanced Care Cleaning Procedures
  • Environment and Air Flow Fountains for Drinking
  • Student Learning Communities
  • Potential student with COVID-19 prior to entering school
  • Potential student with COVID-19 at School
  • Personal protective equipment used by staff members



They've put out a daily operational plan for a school's involvement in ensuring the safe reopening.


  • Family responsibilities
  • Student belongings
  • The school’s outdoor play structures facilitate entrance and exit points
  • School hours and student access
  • Lunch and food items
  • Academic Calendar
  • Before and after-school programs, early childhood educational programs
  • On-the-spot crisis resolution



The School Board will implement the Ministry of Education's new approach by creating a few days dedicated to face-to-face education in methods that are both engaging and student-centered.



Staff members will need to focus on helping kids become reacquainted with one another and rebuild a solid pattern of support as they return to school after being away for some time. Guidance counsellors, social workers, and other school-based support staff will provide all the assistance that students need.



We will provide students' support through a program geared for those studying through Distance Learning.


The details mentioned are the Halton District School Board's intention to reopen. Their website provides access to further data, and you can also contact your children's schools for more information. 


We've all been swept into a new educational and cultural reality with the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Working together, we can minimize the problems faced by our kids as school begins again.



Top Schools in Burlington and Oakville

Some of the best high-ranked public and Catholic schools are outlined below for elementary and secondary students.



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Swimming pools are enjoyable in the heat, but they haven't always been a top-selling feature in real estate. They don't appeal to every homebuyer who isn't interested in the cost, upkeep, or safety concerns that come with a seasonal feature. However, the demand for swimming pools is only one more way the GTA real estate market has changed during the pandemic. 


When it comes to pool popularity, COVID-19 caused many homebuyers to opt for a pool within their home. Simultaneously, demand has risen for larger homes with more outdoor space, as well as a reduction in leisure and entertainment locations. People were on the lookout for some of the hottest real estate in the GTA when they decided to buy a property with a pool. In a year of heated competition among property purchasers, it turned out that pooled homes were fetching slightly higher prices. As an example, some homes with pools sold for nearly $200,000 more than homes without pools.


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In Need of a Vacation?

Families determined that travelling less due to the pandemic and spending more time at home was the best option. Obviously, the more delightful your home is, the more likely you are to miss travelling less and enjoy your home more.



Advantages of Having a Pool

Make a Low-Impact Exercise Option for Yourself - Swimming pools are used for more than just having fun. Owning a swimming pool is like owning a home gym, but only better. Every resident within the home has access to the pool, which allows them to exercise at any time and in a low-impact manner.


Increase the Value of Your Home - Pool installation typically has a lower return on investment than other renovations such as kitchen or bathroom modifications. With the pandemic, however, the return on investment for pools has increased due to the fact that more homeowners are searching for properties with a swimming pool.


Take Advantage of the Convenience and Privacy - In today's hectic environment, finding privacy might be challenging. Having a swimming pool offers natural privacy, allowing you to enjoy a quiet paradise at any time.


Host Get-Togethers and Parties - If you enjoy entertaining guests at your house, you'll enjoy throwing poolside parties. Pools are ideal locations for gatherings and makes organizing a get-together simpler.



When in search of a home with a pool, don’t let the pool be your only focus. Look out for these 6 Warning Signs That Could Mean Expensive Repairs.



What’s Involved with Managing a Pool?

When it comes time to sell, a poorly kept pool will depreciate the value of your home (If you decide to sell in the future). Weekly testing and monitoring of pool water is required, as well as the addition of salt or other chemicals on a regular basis. Pools frequently require more comprehensive treatment. Skimming leaves from the surface, vacuuming the pool, cleaning the skimmer, and backwashing the filter are all weekly activities. Even when the owners are out on vacation, these chores require constant attention. Annual start-up and shutdown for the season, as well as long-term fixture and structural maintenance, are all factors to consider. Many pool owners perform their own maintenance, while others hire someone to do it for them.



If you're ready to start looking for a home with a pool in the GTA and need some guidance from a real estate agent, The Martin Group can assist you.


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